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5 Woocommerce extensions that have impressed me

Published by on November 30, 2014

During the setup of Woocommerce websites over the previous 3 years I have come across plugins that have brought the simple open source plugin for WordPress on to another level.  In my opinion I feel the platform is now at a stage where it can rival what is often seen as the superior CMS Magento.

One of the most common arguments against Woocommerce and its use in comparison to Magento is its inability to deal with larger volumes of products its inability to be scalable. I no longer feel this is the case we have tested Woocommerce with higher volumes such as three to five thousand products and performance has been fine.

Here are the Top 5 most impressive plugins I have come across that will enable you to get the most out of the platform –

1. WP All Import

The ability to mass import products from your suppliers or wholesalers is something that can literally save you weeks in setup time. It is something that has been possible for some time but there has always been a weak spot. So for example you import a CSV file with 2000 products but you would then have to import individually all the images. Again taking a long time the great feature of WP import is the ability to import everything !

So for instance you can setup the import of stock levels and match up the update against a unique identifier such as a SKU code.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.34.55

Match your database to product sections for a seamless upload process of data. Even include images all WP import needs is the image url listed in your CSV or xml feed.

Import Wholesale prices I would recommend also purchasing the following plugin to run alongside WP import if you are looking at doing this – Woocommerce wholesale prices on code canyon prices only $21 You can create custom fields with WP All import so don’t strictly need both but I did like the way this plugin separates the prices.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.31.01

see how you have a specific wholesale price section available.

What impressed me about this was the way it opened up a new section within woocommerce where you can insert the wholesale price. You could for instance do without this and use the Dynamic pricing plugin but this would restrict you to including a mass increase by percentage on all products. In the Role Pricing section (see below)

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.31.29

2. WP Lister for Ebay

wp lister for ebay

What I loved about this was the time it saved me from individually setting up products plus the way you can add a professional looking product description with graphics.

It automatically imports to ebay –

  • product descriptions from your online shop
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Setup profiles to launch regular auctions
  • check progress via wordpress

Above is a nice explainer video on how to setup your listings with WP-lister here.

3. WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

woocommerce wholesale prices

What impressed me most about this plugin was how it listed on the site when you logged in with a wholesale profile the exact percentage and amount you save on a product as a wholesale customer.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.45.03

Nice and simply presented data for your wholesale, dropshipping or general trade customers.

4. Search By SKU – for Woocommerce

One of the first things I tested when I imported my latest feed was would the standard WordPress search widget help me find products via a SKU code. It certaily helps if you are trying to find products easily via a database or list. This brought me to this handy little plugin that enables this within the standard search widget which isn’t a standard feature. You could for intstance show clients products quickly over the phone by giving them a short SKU code.

5. WooCommerce Professor Cloud

there are quite a few image zoom plugins on the market but I found this one to be the most straight forward and one that generated the most professional looking results. It also adds a handy click here to enlarge fully link below the image which I felt was important as not all users like the image zoom feature.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.00.35

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