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Magento and Shopify

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform for your online store, you’ll find that there are many different platforms to choose from, with Magento and Shopify being the most popular of all. Whilst Shopify has some great features, link to Magento will always come out on top.

Need convincing that Magento is the right platform for your business? Check out our 7 reasons why it’s better than Shopify below.


1.Magento has the fact it is open source and free on its side!

Magento is free and open source

The fact that Magento is free and open source software is a reason in itself why it is better than Shopify. By choosing Magento, you will own the software and therefore have the opportunity to set it up with any host that will support it. Whilst using Shopify prevents you from having to buy hosting, you won’t own it.

Whereas Shopify requires you to pay a monthly package fee and transaction fees, Magento does not. It is completely free to download and install. However that does not mean Magento is cheap. There is still your SSL, payment gateway, hosting and development costs to consider.


Shopify users have limited options when it comes to customising their storefronts.

2. It is much more customisable

Magento is one of if not the most customisable and powerful ecommerce platforms on the planet. The fact it is open source means skilled developers and designers can customise and change any part of it in order to give Magento stores a unique look and feel.

Whereas with Shopify you are somewhat limited by the features offered, with Magento the sky really is the limit. Whether you want to enhance your site’s shopping experience by installing one page checkout, integrate your ecommerce store with your warehouse system or run a discount promotion, Magento lets you do it all. You will have full control over the look and functionality of your Magento ecommerce store.

3.Huge community of developers

Although the Magento Core Team created the framework for Magento it has been enhanced, upgraded and adapted by a community of thousands of developers from around the world. Not only do they work on perfecting the platform itself, but they also create a wide range of quality extensions that can be used to improve the functionality of Magento stores for merchants and their customers.

Whilst there are apps you can integrate with your Shopify store, there are no way near as many as there are Magento extensions. Magento merchants can literally find an extension to meet any ecommerce need, a long with companies (like ourselves) to help them install and support them.

4.Scalable solution

Although Shopify offers a range of different packages, each of which have different features according to their price, it is still not the most scalable of ecommerce solutions. Whilst it’s great for stores when they are just starting out, it’s not so practical for those stores that plan for growth and expansion in the future.

One of the reasons why Magento is better than Shopify is because it offers a completely scalable ecommerce solution. It has been designed to grow inline with merchants’ needs and requirements. Whether they want to list fifty products or thousands of products, Magento can provide the necessary support.

5.Handle multiple languages and currencies

Choose Shopify and you’ll only be able to run one store on one platform. Choose Magento and you’ll have the option to set up multiple stores with different designs, languages and currencies and control them from one user-friendly admin panel. It’s as simple as that!


Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly ecommerce platforms. It has been built with clean and robust code and provides a wide range of optimisation options.

6. More SEO-friendly

The fact that Magento allows users to control their meta tags, URL structures and much, much more, making it the more SEO-friendly platform out of the two. It has also benefits from a clean and organised core code. Whilst we’re not saying Shopify isn’t SEO friendly, it certainly doesn’t provide users with the same optimisation opportunities as Magento.

7.Magento is robust and professional

When it comes to comparing Shopify with Magento, it is fair to say that it is most like Magento Go, which is closing down in February next year (see link to Magento migration options here). With the Magento Community Edition, there is really no comparison, as Magento CE is much more robust and professional than Shopify.

Although with an adequate Shopify SEO service, shopify may still the best platform for starters and online selling, it’s sites can look generic and dare we say it, unprofessional, due to the lack of customization options. The fact that Magento is so customization and robust means that merchants have the chance of creating unique and professional eCommerce sites, which stand out from their competitors’ sites.

Your ecommerce website will be instrumental to the success of your business, making it so important that you choose a professional and robust platform like Magento that is capable of offering both you and your customers everything you require.

Magento is the way to go

To sum it up, if you want to stand the best chance of your ecommerce website being a success and are willing to invest in its future, Magento provides the better long-term investment overall. If you want to find out more about Magento, it’s features and benefits, be sure to check out our link to #1 History of Magento page.

Tips for using Magento

What we will say, is that if you do choose to go with Magento and lack development experience, you will greatly benefit from teaming up with a Magento development agency like ourselves. We can provide you with valuable Magento services, helping you achieve everything from setting up your ecommerce store to building custom extensions that allow you to get the most out of the platform.

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