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8 Amazing Magento Videos on YouTube

Whether you are at the stage where you are choosing between ecommerce platforms or have already made the wise choice to use Magento and are looking for guidance on how to set up your store, you will often find that the easiest way to gather the information you need is by watching YouTube videos.

Simply type in Magento on YouTube and you will be presented with pages and pages full of guides, tutorials and advertisements for various different themes and extensions. Whilst it’s great that there are so many videos on Magento available, you simply won’t get chance to watch them all and in all honesty, some are not worth your time!

To make it easier for you to get the information you need, we’ve chosen to feature 8 amazing Magento videos on YouTube that cover everything from reasons to choose Magento as your ecommerce platform to migrating from Magento Go to the Community Edition. Enjoy!


Still not sure if Magento is right for you? The video below is sure to convince you it is!

1. Why should you choose Magento?

If you are currently deciding on the best ecommerce platform to build your web store, this video is a great one to watch. It features a number of different panellists from various different web design and digital media agencies all talking about why they believe Magento is the best ecommerce software. 

What’s great about their responses is that they are all very unique. They talk about various different Magento features and how businesses of different sizes and from different industries could benefit from them. If you are looking for expert opinions on Magento, this video will deliver!


Trying to decide between Magento Enterprise and Magento Community? Check out the in depth video below.

2. Magento Enterprise vs. Community: Ask an Unbiased Expert

We’re not going to lie, this Magento YouTube video is pretty long, but if you are looking for an in depth comparison between the Magento Enterprise and Magento Community Editions, it’s well worth the time spent. Before the presenter even gets into the comparison, he provides a brief history of Magento and some of it’s key features, which you can also find on our link to Magento Hub Page. He then goes onto compare the various differences between the two platforms, providing cutaway clips and screenshots to illustrate his points. If you are currently deciding between the two platforms, this video will help you make the right choice.

3. How to Install Magento CE via FTP or cPanel

We have provided a tutorial on link to how to download Magento, but if you require further guidance, we highly recommend watching the video above, as sometimes it’s much easier to follow instructions with visual help. In this tutorial the web development expert takes you through how to install the Magento Community Edition using a cPanel or FTP client. It’s a very recent video, so well worth the watch if you are planning on tackling Magento installation yourself.

4.  How to add products in Magento

Adding products to Magento is pretty straightforward, however if you are new to the platform or a non-technical person, you will greatly benefit from watching the video tutorial featured above. This is a really simple step-by-step video, but it is effective at teaching users how to add products to their Magento stores. The great thing about Magento tutorials in video format is that you can simply pause the video after each step is explained so you can carry it out yourself before moving on.

5. Layered Navigation

Struggling to get your head around how to set up layered navigation for your Magento store? The video above will provide a visual step-by-step guide on how to create anchor categories and improve your ecommerce store’s layered navigation. It was actually produced by Magento for their screen cast series, so you can rest assured that all of the information they provide is 100% accurate!

For more information about setting up layered navigation, visit this page link to How does Layered Navigation work in Magento.

6. The benefits of using PayPal with Magento

When it comes to setting up your Magento store, you will need to choose payment gateways. Watch this video and we are sure you’ll be convinced that integrating PayPal with your Magento store is the right decision for your business.

Using clear and visually pleasing illustrations, the video highlights some of the key benefits of allowing customers to checkout with PayPal when buying products from your Magento store. Some of which include: 

Cheaper transaction fees

Average of 18% increase in sales

Securer payments

7. Magento Connect

If you are looking to improve the functionality of your Magento ecommerce store, we highly recommend checking out the free and paid for Magento extensions from the Magento Connect website. This video provides a quick guide to the marketplace and the types of extensions available. It also outlines the benefits of using Magento Connect and what to look out for in order to make sure you download quality extensions e.g. reviews and ratings.


Magento Go is closing down, watch the video below for potential migration options.

8. Magento Go Discontinued – Magento CE as an Alternative & Considerations

If you keep up with Magento news, it is likely that you’ll already know that the company will be closing Magento Go in February 2015. For those currently using the platform, this will mean migrating to alternative ecommerce software. This great Magento YouTube video outlines some of the various migration options Go users have and why they think it is most beneficial to upgrade to Magento’s Community Edition. They also outline some of the reasons why Bigcommerce (a basic ecommerce platform that many companies are recommending) may not be the wisest choice for those looking to migrate.

If you need to create a migration plan, this video outline the basics, but if you need further assistance, you can always get in touch with our talented team of Magento experts.

Image credits: mj0310, mj0310 & mj0310

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