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Facebook launches Atlas, a new PPC advertising product

Published by on October 1, 2014

Did you know that if you buy Facebook likes it could hurt your account, well is for this reason that it’s finally here; Facebook’s long awaited offering to rival Google Adsense. It’s called Atlas and it will provide brands with the opportunity to use Facebook’s vast amount of data to target relevant ads at users across the web.

Facebook Atlas will provide businesses with greater opportunities to create targeted ads that reach users across all devices.

Atlas goes a step beyond Facebook’s mobile app ads network, which was launched back in January, seeking to control a larger proportion of web ads and creating tougher competition for Google.

Whilst Atlas is not a brand new platform (it was actually acquired by Facebook from Microsoft last year), it has been redeveloped with the aim of making it easier for advertisers to follow consumers and target their ads at them, no matter what devices they are using.

Unlike Google, which still uses cookies to track consumers and target specific ads at them, Atlas uses people-based marketing techniques, based on Facebook’s data to create ads. This method of ad targeting not only allows advertisers to track users between devices, but also helps brands to connect their online efforts with offline sales to determine how effective their campaigns are.

Along with the launch of the new advertising platform, Facebook also announced that it has already signed a deal with Omnicom to begin providing advertisements for leading brands Pepsi and Intel.

Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) is also enabled with Atlas. This means that advertisers will be able to buy ads through Facebook, Atlas and Instagram and easily compare their results between each.

The new Facebook advertising platform clearly gives the company a unique selling point, but only time will tell if it’s enough to beat Google at its own advertising game.

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