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Hosting Considerations When Implementing Magento

Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms on the planet, packed with fantastic features and benefits for all types of businesses. However all these features and benefits come at a price; they make Magento one of the heaviest ecommerce platforms in terms of resources. This is why if you want your Magento website to run efficiently, you will need to choose hosting that is optimised specifically for running and supporting Magento.


Running Magento with poor hosting can result in slow site speeds and poor performance.

Risks of running Magento on an inadequate server

Whilst there are many great website hosts out there, not all of them are suitable for link to Magento ecommerce websites. Run Magento on a generic server and you risk poor performance, slow page loading times, abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue. Dedicated hosting allows individuals and business to let out pre-configured, connectivity and state-of-the-art equipment from a hosting service provider. Rather than simply sharing server space on a virtual server, dedicated hosting gives you the prospect to lease an entire server for your own exclusive use. A dedicated hosting involves the leasing of a complete server from a dedicated server host company. The hosting company takes the ownership, maintains, and also backs up the server while ensuring all the security, power supervision, and all other aspects of maintaining a data center. The site developer is solely responsible for the entire web server software issues. Finding the right dedicated server hosting provider in Edmonton can sometimes be a challenge thanks to rising data center costs in major Canadian cities. Are you trying to find a reasonable Edmonton Dedicated Servers located near Edmonton at an unbeatable price? ServerMania has you covered. The ServerMania Montreal data center is that the perfect option for those looking to setup a server near Edmonton, but want access to the newest server hardware and networks at the simplest price.

Dedicated services also comprise the lease of connectivity and pre-configured equipment from a hosting provider. The connectivity and equipment are fully controlled by the hosting firm; it also provides the customers with a customized Web server with a first-class data center facilities. The need for dedicated hosting arises out of the enlargement of the site with web developers, often moving to more sophisticated technologies which require extensive use of system resources and bigger bandwidth to serve the technology to a web browser. Considering this increased need for resources, having an entire server for your site often serves better. A dedicated hosting is also an alternative for reseller hosting businesses. With a dedicated server, you can have total control over your Web existence. You can select the software and operating system you want to use, and personalized settings for your e-commerce and multimedia requirements. Dedicated servers is also a good option for customers that require custom software or better server control but do not want to make the considerable up-front investment essential in purchasing a server.

A dedicated hosting is often the best solution for heavy traffic businesses that lack staff, security, and resources to install, build, and maintain an in-house solution. A dedicated server will also save leasing on network administrator position for a company. Usually a dedicated hosting account is cheaper than an in-house solution overall. A business can save up to 85% on a monthly basis by having dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is desired more for users having advanced needs, since it permits the use of more complex applications, as such databases, high-end e-mail solutions and streaming media. Dedicated hosting solutions also have the capacity to host multiple sites on one machine. These kinds of a solution are usually provided on a world-class network connection, as it includes 24×7 monitoring of the network and server availability.

Magento is not like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal where it doesn’t really matter too much which host you choose, as long as they are reliable. With Magento, you actually need a Knownhost hosting provider that is configured for the ecommerce platform. Choose the wrong provider and your site won’t be half as successful as you’d hoped.

What to look for when considering hosting for Magento

Choosing hosting for your Magento site is not something you should rush into. It’s important to consider the criteria and shop around for the host that meets it the best within your budget. 

To start things off, the host must be experienced in hosting Magento ecommerce stores. Check that they actually talk about Magento on their website and already host other Magento stores. If they do not seem to know the basic requirements of Magento and try and treat it like any other platform, move onto the next host on your list!

Multi-store configuration

When choosing a host for Magento, it’s important to check that it is capable of handling Magento’s multi-store configuration. In order to use Magento’s multi-store feature (where you can call on the Magento core from a separate domain folder or direct all store domains to a single server fold), special configuration is required. If unsure whether a Magento host offers this feature, ask to see their multi-store demo.


The hosting company must be able to ensure the level of security you require.

It is equally as important that your website host has experience in installing and configuring multi-domain SSL for your Magento stores. Security plays a prominent role in all ecommerce solutions, so your hosting ideally needs to have backup functionality and an alert system too.

Up to date performance technologies

Providing your hosting supports the latest performance technologies, you will benefit from a fast and stable Magento website. When enquiring about performance modules for PHP and the caching systems offered, see if they offer Memcache support, Xcache support and APC support. Whilst they don’t necessarily need to offer all of these PHP performance modules, APC support is a must.

SSH Access

When choosing Magento hosting, you should also find out whether they offer SSH access. Having SSH access will allow you to easily maintain and upgrade your Magento website.

Location & speed

The better optimised a hosting package is for the Magento platform, the faster your ecommerce site will be able to run. Fast page loading times will contribute to the overall user experience and help to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

One of the key factors in determining the speed of hosting packages is their location. The more locations the host has, the better choice it will be for your business. 


When deciding on the perfect hosting for your Magento ecommerce website, you not only need to think about your current needs, but your future needs too. The majority of merchants set out with plans to expand and grow their ecommerce stores in the future, which means they need to find hosting that can accommodate for this. Always choose a flexible hosting package that can be scaled up or down at short notice, depending on the needs and requirements of your business.


You will greatly benefit from choosing Magento hosting companies offering 24/7 tech support.


Although we have featured it last on our list, support should play an important role in your decision to choose a particular host. It is absolutely essential that they offer good technical support. From time to time you are bound to have questions about your hosting or maybe even run into problems with it. Having tech support assistance available to you will ensure you can get your questions answered and your problems fixed within a reasonable timescale.

The best of the best hosts will offer 24/7 tech support. This means you will be able to contact the company with your questions, queries and problems at any time of date or night, preventing pro-longed disruption to your business.

Read reviews / testimonials

Something we highly recommend is reading reviews on different Magento hosting as well as testimonials from the companies’ clients. Don’t just go with what’s featured on their website though, actually search for them on Google and independent websites to see unbiased reviews from real customers.

Reading reviews and testimonials will give you a better idea of whether a company can offer the quality hosting you require. Look for a company that has a high percentage of good reviews, not only in terms of the reliability and performance of their hosting packages but also their customer service too. 

Get recommendations

If you are new to running an ecommerce store and feel a little lost when it comes to choosing hosting for Magento, you can always seek expert recommendations. Our team of Magento specialists are more than happy to assist you in finding the best hosting to suit your Magento store. The great thing about working with Online Media Direct is that we do not offer our own hosting packages and we are not tied to any particular hosting companies, so you can have the peace of mind that you are getting a completely unbiased recommendation.

It is our mission to help our clients get the most out of their Magento experience and that starts with choosing the right hosting service.

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Although other ecommerce providers like Shopify do not require you to purchase hosting, the Magento Community Edition is still the recommend ecommerce platform if you are looking a highly customisable, flexible and scalable solution. See our page on link to 7 reasons why Magento is better than Shopify for more info. 

For more information on hosting considerations when link to downloading Magento or to get advice on the best hosts from our Magento experts, get in touch by calling us on 01706 830 965.

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