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Implementing One Page Checkout in Magento

Ask any Magento merchant what the most annoying thing a customer can do and it’s likely they’ll say ‘abandon their shopping carts at the checkout stage.’ Unfortunately for many ecommerce stores this is a common occurrence. So why do customers abandon their shopping carts at such a late stage?


Does your Magento store have a high shopping cart abandonment rate? You’ll benefit from implementing one page checkout.

There are three possible reasons for this:

The checkout process is too long

The checkout process asks too much of them

The checkout pages take too long to load

As it currently stands, the basic Magento checkout process has a total of six steps that users must complete in order to make a purchase. Yes that’s six lots of information they have to fill in and six clicks they have to make, before they can make a purchase. As you can imagine, some customers are simply unwilling to spend so much time on something that is supposed to be quick and convenient! 

The solution? Condensing and simplifying the checkout process. How? Implementing one page checkout in Magento.

What is One Page Checkout?

A One Page Checkout is pretty self-explanatory. It basically means that instead of having to go through six steps in order to make a purchase from an ecommerce store, the customer can do it all on a single page. There are many benefits of one page checkouts, some of which we have detailed below.

Fewer clicks

Implementing One Page Checkout in Magento will prevent customers from having to make multiple clicks to buy their desired products. It may sound crazy but it’s a lot of effort for customers to click through multiple pages! The fewer clicks they have to make, the more likely they are to complete the transaction, helping to increase your conversion rates and profits!

Fewer pages

Having a one page checkout means that all of the information you need from your customers can be input on a single page. Even if you are still asking a fair bit of information from your customers, the fact it is one page will make it look like you’re not asking for as much as if you were to spread it across three or four pages. The less information it looks like customers need to give you, the more likely they are to complete the transaction.

Faster checkout

There’s no doubt about it, if you want to speed up your checkout process, implementing a one page checkout in Magento provides the perfect solution. Customers will quickly be able to fill out their information on a single page and will not have to wait for pages to load as they would with Magento’s standard checkout process.

Speeding up the checkout process will improve your store’s customer experience, resulting in increased conversions and improved customer loyalty.


The quicker and easier your checkout process is, the more likely customers are to complete their transactions.

How to implement One Page Checkout

As you will now know from going through the benefits listed above, one page checkout in Magento not only benefits customers, but merchants too, in the form of increased conversion rates and sales. If you are interested in implementing one page checkout (and why wouldn’t you be?) follow our simple guide below.

Configuring your Magento checkout

First you will need to go to System > Configuration > Sales > Checkout. From there you will see a section called ‘Checkout Options’ where you can configure one page checkout, guest checkout and terms and conditions.

Enabling one step checkout

To create a one step checkout, simple enable ‘Onepage Checkout’ so it shows as ‘Yes.’ You can also allow for guest checkouts, which will also help to increase conversions by allowing customers that don’t want to create an account to complete their transactions.

Multiple steps in a single page

It is worth keeping in mind that Magento’s in-built One Page Checkout still involves completing separate steps; however it can take place without the browser paging needing to re-load in between, therefore speeding up the checkout process.

Tracking conversions

As with all changes and configurations you make to your Magento ecommerce store, testing is recommended. By implementing one page checkout you should see an increase in conversions, however if you don’t, it may be the case that more needs to be done to your checkout process in order to prevent customers abandoning their shopping carts.


Magento’s One Step Checkout still involves a number of steps; however they can be completed without customers needing to refresh their browsers.

One page checkout extensions

If Magento’s One Page checkout doesn’t seem to be working for you, you may want to consider installing one of the many one page checkout extensions available. 

Visit the Magento Connect marketplace, type in ‘one step checkout’ and a number of different extensions will pop up, all claiming to simplify your checkout process and make it a lot quicker. The recommended one step checkout extension will vary depending on whom you ask. We simply recommend that you take a look at the ratings and reviews and choose the best extension within your budget. Some of the free one step checkout extensions do the job just as well as the paid ones!

Again, you’ll need to carry out on going testing to see if the extension is actually improving your website’s shopping experience and giving you the boost in conversion rates you were looking for. Pairing one step checkout with link to #13 layered navigation may be a great way to achieve the best results for your business.


If you are looking for a way to enhance your Magento store’s checkout process and make it more user-friendly, we highly recommend condensing and simplifying it by configuring its One Page Checkout settings. The quicker and easier it is for customers to checkout their purchases, the more likely they are to fulfil the purchase, rather than abandoning their shopping carts.

For more information about how one page checkouts can benefit your Magento store or for help setting up one page checkout, feel free to get in touch by calling us on 01706 830 965.

Image credits: r.nial.bradshaw, danielfoster437 and Andre Charland

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