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What to look for in a London based SEO Company

Today many of the world’s best SEO companies are based in London, but with so many to choose from, how do you decide on the best for your business? Here we have outlined a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing an SEO London company.

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Must be willing to get to know your business and goals

Far too many SEO firms dive straight in there with their huge claims of success to try and win your business and in the process, fail to understand your goals and what you are looking to achieve. When choosing SEO services, London companies should be looking for an agency that is willing to spend time getting to know their business and goals. Only then will an SEO agency be able to align their strategies to your business operations and ensure the services they deliver are effective in meeting your goals. If the company has little understanding of your business and the market you operate within, how can they really advise you on the best course of action?

Should be up-to-date with latest SEO practices

In order to generate fantastic results for your business, the SEO London agency needs to be using the latest SEO practices. Aside from speaking to the experts face-to-face, one of the best ways to see if an SEO company knows what they are talking about is to check their blog. A good SEO company will share their knowledge and opinion of the latest SEO practices and industry news on their blog or website news page. Have a read through their posts and see if you like and agree with what they are saying.

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More than just SEO

Today carrying out SEO practices alone is not enough to generate the best results for your business. An experienced SEO company in London will know this and will therefore integrate their services with other solutions related to online marketing and social media. When searching for a search engine optimisation company to work with, have a look to see what other experience they have and services they provide. You may find it much more beneficial to work with a digital agency specialising in SEO, web design and social media, than you would a company that simply offers SEO services.

Must provide London SEO services

It is likely that you chose to work with a SEO agency in London for a reason, perhaps because of the perceived high standards of service or because they are located in close proximity of your business. Whatever your reason, it is important to make sure that the SEO work is actually being carried out by the in-house team at the London SEO agency, rather than being outsourced elsewhere in the world. Since you will be investing a significant amount of money in the services, you are entitled to know who will be working on your website’s SEO strategy and therefore who will be responsible for its success and failures.

Speak to you in a language you understand

SEO is complicated and if you are new to it, all of the terminology can be very confusing! Rather than giving yourself a headache trying to work out what the SEO company is saying to you, choose a company that is willing to speak to you in a language you understand – plain English! A good SEO company will ensure that it’s clients fully understand what is being done to optimise their websites and the strategies being implemented to generate results for their businesses.


London is home to many SEO agencies, however not all of them will be able to provide the level of service you require. Always take time to thoroughly vet the agencies so you can be sure you choose a reputable and reliable London SEO company that can deliver a first class service.

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