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Magento Website Cost Guidelines and Overview

One of the questions we get asked most by new clients is ‘how much does a Magento website cost?’ but unfortunately it is hard to give a straightforward answer.

cost of a magento development

Trying to calculate the cost of your Magento website? Hopefully our guide will give you a basic idea.

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The price of a Magento store can vary as much as setting up a physical store. It can depend on a number of factors including how big the store is, what it needs to house, who is building the store and what experience they have. There are a number of expenses associated with setting up a Magento store and how much you pay will depend on the type of store you are looking to build and what you want to achieve.

Magento websites vary in price, depending on the individual requirements of a business.

Whilst we cannot give you a straightforward price here and now, we can guide you through some of the typical costs involved in setting up an ecommerce store using either the Magento Community Edition or Magento Enterprise Edition. Our Magento website cost guidelines and overview should give you a basic idea of the money you are going to need to spend on creating a successful ecommerce store.

building a magento site

Whilst the Magento Community Edition is free to download, you will need to spend a significant amount on customising and developing your store.

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Magento Community Edition

The Magento Community Edition is free to download and install. It is available to anyone wishing to download it and is supported by the community through the Magento Discussion Forum.

Whilst the Magento Community Edition is a free platform, it is not a ‘off the shelf’ solution. This means that you will require in depth knowledge of coding and programming in order to set up and customise your Magento store. Whilst there are free resources available that you can learn from, the process of learning Magento can be extremely complicated and time consuming.

The specialist knowledge and skills required to master the Magento Community Edition usually leads businesses to working with professional Magento developers. This is where the major costs come in, but we will go on to discuss those later.

First let’s take a look at some of the other costs you will need to consider if you are planning on using the Magento Community Edition to build your ecommerce store.


First you will need to buy a domain from a site like GoDaddy.

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Buying a domain name for your Magento website

Before you install the Magento Community Edition, you will need to buy a domain name for your Magento website. The domain name is literally the name used in your URL for example our domain name is

Domain names can be bought from a number of different websites including GoDaddy and 123 Reg. Domain names can vary in cost, however you can usually buy them for as little as £9.95 per year. You will then be sent a reminder each year before your domain name expires so you can renew it.

Always check Magento’s system requirements before buying hosting.

Magento hosting

Unlike Magento Go (which we will be closing down in February next year), the Magento Community Edition requires users to buy their own hosting, which is where the second lot of costs come in. Magento hosting is typically more expensive than your average web hosting, as Magento is a resource hungry platform that requires additional hosting features.

Before buying Magento hosting, we recommend checking the Magento Community Edition system requirements on the Magento website. You then need to make sure that the host you have chosen is able to cater for those requirements.

You can avoid running into problems in the future by ensuring that the provider you have chosen is experienced in hosting Magento websites. If their servers are not up to the job then it is going to make your Magento website slow and unreliable.

If you need help choosing the right hosting package for your Magento ecommerce store, you can check out Magento’s recommended hosting partners on their website. Alternatively you can seek the advice of one of our experienced Magento Developers. Online Media Direct does not have any hosting partners and can therefore provide you with unbiased advice.

Cost of Magento themes

In order to create a storefront for your Magento website, you will need to download and install a Magento theme. This is basically a template that adds aesthetical features to your Magento store.

There are thousands of pre-made themes available from the Magento Connect store, as well as other third party websites. These are themes that have been created by Magento developers. The themes vary in style, so you are sure to find one suitable for your business and the industry it is part of. Some themes are optimised for mobiles and tablets too.

Magento themes also vary in price. Take a look at the themes on the Magento Connect store and you will see that whilst some are free, others cost significantly more. At the time of writing this, the most expensive pre-made theme on the Magento Connect store cost $699.00 (around £436.00).

When it comes to choosing a theme for your Magento ecommerce store, you will find that you get what you pay for. Whilst pre-made themes will do the job, they may not offer the level of customisability and flexible you require. Customers may also see your business as being unprofessional and inexperienced if you are using a theme that a lot of other ecommerce stores use too.

The alternative option is to have a bespoke theme created by a professional Magento developer. A custom made Magento theme will cost more (possibly thousands of pounds depending on your requirements) however it is likely to benefit your business more than a pre-made theme. A bespoke theme will make your business look more unique and professional and will therefore create a better impression on your customers. You may even find it helps to built their trust in your company, generate sales and increase your competitiveness.

If you would like more information about bespoke Magento themes and their costs, feel free to contact one of our experienced Magento developers.

Cost of Magento extensions

Magento extensions can be used to extend your Magento website by adding new features and improving its functionality. Merchants can use Magento extensions to improve both the front end and back end of their store, streamlining admin processes and creating a better online shopping experience for their customers.

There are thousands of different plugins available from the Magento Connect store, as well as other third party websites. Like with the Magento themes, many extensions are available for free, however you should always check the ratings and level of support provided before downloading any of them.

Magento plugins vary in price depending on the level of functionality they provide, as well as who they have been developed by. At the time of writing this, these were the prices for the most expensive plugins on the Magento Connect store:

Customer experience plugin – £9,500

Site management plugin – £15,095

Marketing plugin – £4,000

Utilities plugin – £4,5000

Of course, these are at the very top end of the pre-made plugins market. There are much cheaper Magento extensions available from the Magento Connect store too.

If however you cannot find the right Magento extension to meet your needs and requirements, it is likely that you are going to need to have a bespoke extension built by an experienced Magento developer. Again, like with bespoke themes, bespoke extensions are going to cost a lot more than their pre-made counterparts.

Their price is likely to depend on the complexity of the project, how much time it will take the developer to complete and how experienced the developer is. The location of the developer or agency may also have an effect on the price, as you will usually pay more for the experience of a London Magento agency, than a local Magento developer.

Cost of Magento development

As we previously mentioned, unless you happen to be an experienced programmer or developer, it is likely that you are going to need to work with a Magento Development Agency in order to set up your Magento Community Edition store and integrate it with your applications.

Whilst it is free to download the Magento Community Edition, the cost of vendor fees will soon add up. However this is just the price you pay to create a professional ecommerce store on an industry-leading platform.

Magento Development agencies like Online Media Direct provide a wide range of services including Magento implementation, customisation and development. We can also help you to add products to your store and integrate it with other applications you use for a more seamless process.

Hourly rates for Magento development can range from £95.00 – £250.00 and will be based on the skill and level of experience of the developer.

If you are looking to set up your first Magento website and plan on selling under six thousand products, it is likely that your basic website costs will be between £20,000 and £42,000. A package like this would include installation, integrations, simple customisations, configuration of payment processors and shipping and testing.

Those requiring more advanced Magento development services or are looking to build a larger store with over six thousand products are going to need a budget between £42,000 and £100,000 – possibly even more depending on the complexity of the project. A custom Magento website package like this would include everything outlined in the previous package, as well as things like SEO, POS integration, custom web designs, social media integration, one page checkout configuration, testing, warranty and support, data migration and much, much more.

magento enterprise

Magento Enterprise is aimed at large, established businesses that generate high volumes of sales.

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Magento Enterprise Edition

The Magento Enterprise Edition is aimed at larger companies, which require advanced features and support that is not offered as part of the Community Edition package. The Magento Enterprise Edition is available as a subscription, which offers a Service Level Agreement backed by Magento’s dedicated support team.

The basic subscription costs £14,420 a year, but businesses can pay up to around £50,000 per year for the premium package. As you can see from these expenses, it is really only designed for established businesses that are generating extremely high volumes of sales.

The Magento Enterprise Edition package offers businesses a wide range of features including:

Mobile-friendly store

SLA with Magento Support

Improved search functionality

Full page caching

Enhanced content management system

Advanced catalogue management tools

And much, much more

On top of the license and cost of the service level agreement, companies using the Magento Enterprise Edition also have to factor in the cost of their hosting, domain name, customisations and developments, just like merchants using the Magento Community Edition.

Those using Magento Enterprise to build their websites tend to need much larger budgets. Some stand alone stores can be built for around £15,000 (on top of the license fee) but an Enterprise site that requires a fulfilment system of some kind, will usually cost more in the way of £250,000 or more.

Domain and hosting costs

Businesses will not have to pay any more than those running their stores on the Community Edition, as this is nothing to do with Magento itself. However they may have to pay more for hosting, as their ecommerce website will be much, much larger and will therefore require additional bandwidth and support. Like we said before, it is important to shop around for quotes and make sure that you choose a host that is experienced in hosting Magento websites.

Things to keep in mind when considering the cost of a Magento website

Although the majority of business owners will shop around and collect quotes from different development agencies (something we recommend you do), it is important to keep in mind that if the price of Magento web development services sound too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to developing a Magento website, you really do get what you pay for.

We also recommend that you work with someone that is experienced in developing the Magento platform. Magento is very different from other ecommerce platforms and requires specialist skills and knowledge. You are better off working with a Magento agency with experts in web design, development, analytics and SEO, rather than a single individual with a limited skill set.

Whilst web developers located abroad may offer cheaper prices for your Magento website development, this will not necessarily be beneficial for your business. Many business owners prefer to work with a local or UK Magento development agency, as communication is far more straightforward. Work with a local developer and you will be able to discuss your requirements and any costs in person or over the phone and won’t have to worry about time delays or language barriers.

Something else you need to remember is that building a Magento website is not a one-off process. In order to remain competitive, you will need to continue to improve and maintain your website. This is why it is important that you find a Magento partner you can work with in the long term.


These are the certifications that Magento Developers can gain.

Last but not least, we recommend that you consider the benefits of working with a Certified Magento Developer. These are developers that have completed Magento’s examinations to prove their knowledge of the platform and skills in developing its front and back ends. Whilst their rates will be higher, their advanced skill set, knowledge and experience will prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.


We hope that our overview of the cost of a Magento website has given you a better idea of the budget you are going to need. Whilst we have been a little vague in some areas, this is only because every Magento development project is completely unique.  No two businesses are the same, so it is understandable that what they want to achieve with their website is going to be different too.

The only true way to know how much a Magento website is going to cost you is to speak with an experienced developer. Provide them with information about your business, as well as what you require from your website and want to achieve with it. This will help them determine the complexity level of your project and how long it will take them. From there, they should be able to give you an accurate proposal and quote.

calculate your magento store cost

Speak to one of our Magento Developers for a no obligation quote.

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It is important to keep in mind that whilst Magento developers will make every effort to complete your project to the estimated quote they give you upfront, if you ask for additional features during the development stages or extra work is required; this will be added on to the end of your total cost. A good developer will keep you informed every step of the way though, so you can have the peace of mind that you will always remain in full control of the cost of your Magento website.

For more information about the cost of Magento websites or for a no obligation quote, please contact our certified Magento developers on 01706 830 965. We look forward to hearing from you.

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