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The Importance of Selecting a Responsive Magento Theme

The number of people shopping online using their smartphones and tablets is on the rise. However despite report after report showing that mobile internet usage is increasing, many businesses are still failing to optimise their websites to cater for their mobile customers’ needs.


Responsive Magento themes, the way to go on Magento

One of best ways to ensure that your Magento website is meeting the needs of tablet and smartphone users as well as desktop users is to choose a responsive Magento theme. Here we will explain the importance of selecting a responsive Magento theme and how it can benefit both you and your customers.

What is a responsive Magento theme?

A responsive theme is a web design that has been built to react and adjust itself to different devices’ screen sizes. Not only are responsive themes capable of adjusting in terms of size, but also layout, ensuring that their content, navigational elements and call to action buttons are all optimised for easy viewing. The point of a responsive theme is basically to ensure customers can buy products online as easily on their smartphones and tablets as they can on their desktop computers.

When it comes to choosing a pre-made theme or buying a bespoke theme for your Magento website, responsive is the way to go. Failure to provide customers with a way to buy products from your Magento store on their smartphones and tablets, could lead you to missing out on valuable sales and losing them to your competitors.

Below we have outlined some of the ways responsive themes can benefit Magento merchants and their customers.


Many people like to surf on mobile phones and tablets

Consistent user experience across all platforms

The best way to increase your Magento store’s conversion rates is to deliver a great user experience across all devices. Downloading a pre-made responsive theme for Magento or investing in a bespoke responsive theme will make this possible.

More cost effective

Although responsive themes generally cost more, it will still work out cheaper to download or build one, as you will only require one theme, as opposed to multiple themes for each device.

Easier to maintain

One of the reasons Magento is so popular is the fact it has a user-friendly content management system (for more benefits of Magento see here). Although it is already easy to upload and change your content, you can make it even easier by using a responsive theme. By choosing a responsive theme, you will only have to upload your content once and it will be optimised for viewing on all versions of your site. There will be no need to make time consuming changes to your content in order to make it suitable for mobile users of your site.

SEO benefits

One of the best ways to optimise Magento with SEO is to use a responsive theme. Using a responsive theme will help to improve your Magento site’s user experience, which will in turn reduce it’s bounce rate – a contributing factor to your site’s rankings. Google has also called responsive web design ‘best practice’ and we all know how important it is to follow Google’s lead when it comes to SEO!

Future proof your Magento website

A final reason why it is important to choose a responsive theme for your Magento site is that it will help to future proof it. Yes, choosing a responsive theme now could save you a lot of work in the future! 

Seeing as responsive Magento themes can optimise themselves according to a device’s specifications, this means that when a new product is launched to market, they’ll already be ‘friendly.’ There will be no running around madly trying to scrape together a Magento theme that is compatible with technology that has yet to be released.

What to look for in a responsive Magento theme

Thinking of downloading a pre-made responsive Magento theme for your website? Check out our tips below to ensure you choose a quality theme.

Simple navigation – No matter what device your Magento website is being viewed on, it is important that the design makes navigation simple for the user. Although drop down menus may look neat and tidy on a desktop computer, they are a real pain to navigate on a tablet or smartphone. Keep this in mind when choosing a responsive theme for your Magento store.

Optimised for screen size – Many people wrongly assume that just because they can view a website on their smartphone, it is automatically responsive. Scaling down a website to fit a smartphone screen does not make it responsive. A truly responsive website is optimised for all screen sizes to ensure a perfect fit. This means that even on a smartphone the font will be clear and the call to action buttons big enough to press.

Social media buttons – It is a good idea to choose a responsive Magento theme with prominent social media buttons. Having social media buttons on your website will make users more likely to share your content. If your social media buttons aren’t easy to spot when users are viewing your site on their smartphone or tablet, they won’t share your content – it’s as simple as that!


Bespoke responsive Magento themes

If you have read our page on Magento themes, you will already have an understanding of why we believe it is better to invest in a bespoke responsive Magento theme than a pre-made theme used by hundreds of other businesses. Having a bespoke responsive Magento theme created for your website will ensure that it truly represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Not only that, but working with a professional Magento developer will give you the confidence and satisfaction that your theme design is completely responsive and therefore able to meet the needs and requirements of your customers.

If you are looking to work with a professional Magento web design agency capable of building you a quality responsive theme, get in touch with Online Media Direct today by calling 01706 830 965. No project is too big or small for our talented team of Certified Magento developers.

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