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The Magento Certified Developers Qualification

There are hundreds and thousands of Magento developers out there, but the cream of the crop are those who have took their passion for Magento a step further by doing the certified developers qualification. The Magento certified developer qualification provides web developers with the chance to validate their skills and knowledge of the platform by earning a certification.


Magento Certification – well worth the effort

Why do the Magento Certified Developers qualification?

There are many benefits for web developers that gain the Magento certified developer’s qualification. One is that it allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition. For example, if a client was looking for a Magento developer to design a custom module for their Magento store and had the choice between a Magento developer and a Certified Magento Developer, it is likely that they will go for the web developer with the qualification.

The qualification proves that the developer has a high level of skill in developing the ecommerce platform, therefore giving them the opportunity to price their services at a slightly higher rate. Customers are usually willing to pay a higher rate for a certified developer as it gives them the peace of mind that they will be getting a link to Magento website or extension of the highest quality.


The different types of Magento developer qualifications

Magento currently offers three different certified developer qualifications. Below we have outlined what each qualification involves and who it is aimed at.

Magento Front End Developer Certification

The role of a front end developer is to modify a Magento site’s user interface and increase its functionality. They work closely with back end developers to implement new features and customisations. Their work is likely to involve:

Creating and customising link to Magento themes (using templates, layouts, CSS and JavaScript)

Using the admin panel to implement design-related system configurations

Modifying the appearance of specific pages

The exam itself involves answering eighty six multiple choice questions within a time limit of 120 minutes. Each question included in the examination is designed to test a specific skill related to both the Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Magento developers have to fully prepare themselves for the examination, as they are not allowed to take hard copies or online materials into the exam room.

Passing the exam and gaining the Magento front end developer certification proves that developers have a thorough understanding of how to design, develop and implement Magento themes and are also capable of modifying the user interface in line with best practices.

Magento Developer Certification

Magento developers that want to prove and validate their skills and knowledge of Magento will find it beneficial to do the Magento Developer Certification. 

The Magento Developer Certification is a mid to advanced level examination that involves answering eighty five multiple choice question in 120 minutes. The questions are based on the Magento Community Edition and candidates are not allowed to take any materials in to the room to help them out.

Passing the examination and gaining the certification will prove they have knowledge and skills in:

Structuring Magento catalogs, indexes, promotions and prices

Architecture of Magento checkout, payments and shipping, sales and order processing

Forms / grid functionality, API, widgets

Integrating and configuring link to Magento extensions

Magento Developers Plus

If Magento Certified Developers want to take their qualification a step further, they can sit the Magento Certified Developer Plus examination. For this exam they will need to answer one hundred multiple questions within a time limit of 150 minutes. Some of the questions are based on the Magento Community Edition, whereas others related to Magento Enterprise Edition.

Like with the other certifications, candidates are not allowed to take any hard copies or access any online materials during the examination. 

If you are a developer interested in gaining one of the Magento Developer certifications, you can book your test on the Magento website. Simply click on ‘Training’ and then ‘Certification.’

There are also a number of helpful resources you can download for free from the Magento website to assist you in studying for the examination. Some Magento developers also set up study groups on some of the forums, which you may be interested in joining as a way of sharing tips and advice.


Qualifying for Magento requires dedication

Why hire a Magento Certified Developer?

We know that it’s not just Magento developers that will be reading this, but merchants too, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it may be more beneficial for you to hire a Magento Certified Developer to help you with your project.

Advanced knowledge of the Magento platform

The first benefit of working with a certified Magento developer is that they will have advanced knowledge of the platform. This can be particularly useful if you are new to Magento and are unsure of the ins and outs of it all. A developer with advanced knowledge of the platform will be very capable of customising its existing features to enhance site performance and help you get the most out of your Magento store.

Highly skilled web developers

All of the professionals that pass the Magento developer examination are highly skilled in web development. This will mean that your site, extension or whatever you are having developed will be done so to the highest of standards. Certified Magento developers are clued up on the platform’s code structure and understand how to develop sites in line with best practices.

Fast turnaround times

The fact that certified Magento developers are so familiar with the ecommerce platform means they can turnaround development projects in record timings. Their working processes will be extremely efficient and they will understand the importance of testing developments to ensure there are not any fatal errors or bugs.

If you want the peace of mind that your Magento site is being developed to the highest standards with purely hand-written, quality code, it is well worth spending the extra money on hiring a certified Magento developer.

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