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Top 50 reasons to choose Magento

When it comes to powering your ecommerce platform, it is likely that you have spent time researching the various different providers out there. We can save you a lot of time and effort by telling you that Magento is the only platform you really need consider. Still need convincing? Check out our top 50 reasons to choose Magento below.

magento top 50 reasons to choose it

Magento the Open Source eCommerce application

1. Highest market share

Magento is currently the most popular ecommerce platform on the planet with a 26% share of the market. If you want your business to be an industry leader, it makes sense to run your web store on the industry leading ecommerce platform, don’t you think ?

2. Open source

The Magento Community Edition is open source. This basically means the code is there for you to play with. It is free to download, modify and use as you wish. Not only is this beneficial in terms of customisation but it also means that anyone, anywhere can take on the role of updating Magento, preventing security issues and making development improvements.

magento used around the world

The world united through Magento

3. Growing developer community

Magento is maintained, powered and updated by a dedicated community of developers and merchants. The fact they are constantly working to improve the platform means that it continues to get better and better. It also means that when bugs are spotted, they are patched within the blink of an eye!

4. Great support

The Magento Enterprise edition has a support team that is available internationally 24/7. Whilst the Community Edition does not have a support team, if you need help you can simply head to the forums. If the Magento community hasn’t already answered your question, we guarantee you will get your answer pretty quickly! There are always merchants and developers on there ready to provide a helping hand.

5. Specifically created for ecommerce

Unlike other platforms, Magento has been designed specifically for ecommerce. This means that it has all of the necessary features and components for creating a fully functional ecommerce store. You can achieve far better results on Magento than you can if you were to use a CMS like WordPress with a plugin like WooCommerce.

6. Different versions to choose from

Magento understand that different business owners have different needs, which is why they created different versions of their ecommerce platform. As it currently stands they have Magento Enterprise Edition (designed for large businesses that sell a lot of products), Magento Community Edition (open source) and Magento Go (for smaller businesses – closing down in February 2015).

7. Thousands of extensions

Whilst Magento is already jam-packed with numerous out of the box features, it can also be further extended with plugins (known as modules). There are thousands of Magento modules available that can help you to achieve the customisation you have in mind. Whether you are looking to improve your customers’ shopping experience or enhance your Magento store’s SEO, there are plenty of extensions to help.

8. Magento themes for all industries

One of the main benefits of choosing Magento as your ecommerce platform is that there are thousands of themes to choose from. No matter what you are selling, you will be able to find a theme that compliments your products or services. There is also the option to have custom themes built by Magento developers. The benefit of having a custom theme built is that no other business out there will have a shop front that looks the same.

magento is discussed around the globe

Magento gets people talking !

9. Multiple currencies and languages

Magento gives you the option to create multi-lingual sites with multi-currency shopping carts. This means you will have the opportunity to target different audiences around the world and maximise your sales. The same of which cannot be said for the majority of ecommerce platforms.

10. Everything you need

Magento is easily one of the most fully featured ecommerce platforms available, both in the proprietary and open source markets. It is jam-packed with fantastic out of the box features, providing you with everything you need to manage your online store. With tools for inventory management, promotions and marketing, you will find running your Magento store to be easier than you could possibly have imagined.

11. Multiple payment & fulfilment options

One of the great things about Magento is that it can be integrated with a wide rage of payment gateways and fulfilment systems. Whilst it does come with a set of defaults, these can easily be customised and extended to give you the custom integration you require to run your ecommerce store efficiently.

12. Extremely modular architecture

Magento is built using the industry standard PHP framework – Zend Framework. This allows for the platform to be extended, ensuring it can meet the custom requirements of individual merchants.

13. Scalable solution

Whether you want to sell fifty products or fifty thousand, Magento has the capacity to provide the support you require. It is a completely scalable solution meaning that it can grow in line with your business. Choose Magento as your first ecommerce store and you will not have to worry about migrating to a new platform in the future. Once you’ve tried Magento, you’ll see it’s the right choice for your business.

14. SEO friendly

Magento is one of the most SEO friendly ecommerce platforms available. It is designed with clean, high quality code that is easy for search engines to crawl and index. It also allows you to customise your URLS and meta data for further optimisation. Using its XML sitemaps you can ensure that Google can easily find all of your content and products.

15. Easy data backups

Magento has powerful importing and exporting tools that make it easy for you to move data between different systems. This makes it easy for you to migrate from your existing ecommerce system to Magento. You can also export your entire site and product catalogue, ensuring your data is backed up and safe.

16. Constantly being improved

One of the great things about having a loyal community behind the software is that it is constantly being improved. eBay has also acquired Magento and is currently investing heavily into developing the software further.

17. Multiple sites on a single platform

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Magento lets you run multiple stores using one backend system. Having one single admin panel makes it much easier to manage inventory, customer data and billing information.

18. Easy integrations

Magento makes it easy for you to integrate your store with third party applications e.g. Amazon seller account and Google Analytics. You can also integrate your store with additional payment gateways, shipping services and databases to increase the efficiency of your operations.

19. 20% of Alexa’s top ecommerce sites use Magento

The statistics speak for themselves. If Magento is good enough for some of the top ecommerce websites in the world, it suggests that it will definitely have what you need to run a successful site too. Some of the top companies to use Magento include Nike, Samsung and Olympus.

20. High performance

In order to run a successful ecommerce store, you need a high performing platform capable of achieving fast page loading speeds, even when your traffic has spiked. Luckily for you, Magento boasts excellent performance. It has an advanced caching system that optimises your site for fast page loading speeds, resulting in increased conversion rates.

magento the most flexible enterprise

Magento, the most flexible enterprise class e-Commerce platform for business

21. Flexible and versatile – suitable for all industries

Magento is as versatile as they come, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. The platform is also extremely flexible, allowing you to customise it to your unique specification. Whatever your needs and requirements as an ecommerce merchant, Magento will go the extra mile to meet them.

22. Enhanced security

Magento takes security very seriously. It was developed to be PCI DSS Compliant and the Enterprise Edition even comes with Secure Payment Bridge. Having a secure ecommerce website can go a long way in winning your customers trust, making Magento a sensible choice of ecommerce platform.

23. Easy to customise

Whilst many ecommerce platforms come with a template and pre-set themes that you have to use, Magento lets you start from scratch. It is easy to customise (with the help of a Magento developer) and you will have the option to adapt both the back end and front end of your ecommerce store to enhance its functionality for both you and your customers.

24. Biggest marketplace for extensions

Magento Connect is the world’s largest marketplace for extensions. If you have something in mind for your Magento store, simply head to the Magento Connect store and you are likely to find a module that promises the desired functionality. There are many different categories to browse, with some of the modules being paid and others being free.

25. Web services API

Magento has built in support for SOAP v1 and 2 as well as XMLRPC and REST with 3-legges OAuth 1.0a.

26. No subscription fees

The Magento Community Edition is completely free to download and use. You do not have to pay any subscription fees no matter how many products you list. If you are looking for a fully functional ecommerce platform, but do not want to pay monthly or annual subscription fees, Magento will make the perfect choice.

27. Stable ownership

Magento is now owned by eBay and is part of its X.Commerce initiative. The fact that such a reputable and world-renowned company backs it should give you peace of mind. eBay is clearly committed to investing in the future of Magento and improving it for merchants all over the world.

magento owned by ebay

Magento, owned by eBay and working in close co-operation

28. Advanced and customisable reporting

Magento has an in-built reporting system designed to track information related to customer activity, product popularity and sales. This data will prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to making business decisions. You can also customise the reports to make them more relevant to your business.

mobile view for magento

Magento, you can use it on your mobile device

29. Responsive / Mobile friendly

Today it is extremely important to have a mobile friendly ecommerce website, as brands are experiencing increasing levels of mobile traffic. Luckily for you Magento supports responsive design by default. There are plenty of responsive Magento themes available or alternatively you can have one custom built by a Magento Developer.

30. User-friendly admin panel

Magento has a very user-friendly admin panel making it easy for you to view, edit, create and fulfil orders. You can also create invoices, packing slips and shipping notes directly from the admin panel. Magento is built with automatic RSS feeds of new orders and also provides different order statuses to help you evaluate the progress of your operations.

31. Built-in tools for increasing average order value

Magento has built-in tools that will help you to increase your average order value. For example, it makes it easy to set up upselling and cross selling, both of which can add money on to your customers’ orders.

32. Customer registration feature

A great way to encourage visitors to return to your ecommerce store in the future is to give them the option to register. This feature is already built-in to Magento and is very easy to configure. Although not all of your customers will want to register (it’s always a good option to provide guest check out too) you can encourage them to do so by explaining that it will allow for quicker and easy checkouts in the future. You could also provide incentives for registration such as discount codes and customer loyalty schemes.

33. Easy to win customer loyalty

Magento provides you with the tools to turn your customers into brand endorses and win their loyalty. Some of its best features include a built-in wish list tool, a recommend to a friend button and customer review options.

34. Supports shipping to multiple addresses

Magento allows customers to ship items to multiple addresses from a single transaction. This is something that will appeal to customers, thus making their shopping experience on your ecommerce store more enjoyable.

35. Reliable

If you are looking for a reliable and robust ecommerce platform, look no further than Magento. The platform has already proven that it is a quality ecommerce solution by powering some of the world’s largest ecommerce websites.

36. Access to certified Magento developers

Did you know that there are web developers out there that actually specialise in working with the Magento platform? Yes, choose Magento and you will have access to highly qualified and talented individuals known as certified Magento developers. These people are capable of producing developments (themes, back end configuration, extensions etc.) of the highest standards and even have certification from Magento to prove it !

ecommerce magento solution

Magento offers a virtual shopping trolley

37. Create unique shopping experience

Unlike other platforms like Shopify, Magento allows merchants to create a completely unique shopping experience for their customers. There is nothing about Magento that you cannot customise. The key to winning customers and beating your competitors is to have something that makes your company stand out and Magento gives you the means to find it and run with it.

38. One step checkout configuration

Magento allows merchants to configure its shopping cart and optimise it for increased conversions. Simply switch on one step checkout and you will see a reduction in the number of visitors abandoning their shopping carts. There are also various plugins that can be integrated with Magento for a swifter and more seamless checkout process to keep customers happy.


Watch some Magento videos on YouTube too !

39. Plenty of learning resources

Although it is highly recommend that you work with a Magento developer if you are planning on using the Magento Community Edition to run your web store, there are plenty of learning resources out there if you want to have a go at doing it yourself.

Head to YouTube and you will find numerous videos on how to download and configure Magento. Type Magento tutorials into Google and you will find pages and pages of results of helpful blog posts and articles. There is a lot of information out there, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always ask a Magento developer or head to the Magento forums.

40. No single vendor / partner locking

The great thing about Magento is that its business model is based on a global partner network. This means that merchants have the flexibility to choose which vendors and partners they want to work with.

41. Suitable for all budgets

It doesn’t matter if you have just started your business or have been established for a number of years – there is a Magento solution to suit all budgets. Whilst Magento Community Edition isn’t completely free (as you will end up having to pay for themes, extensions and other developments) it costs nothing to download, making it a great choice for the majority of SMEs. On the other hand you have the Magento Enterprise Edition, which has a number of packages to choose from, suitable for larger businesses with much bigger budgets.

42. Free themes and plugins

If you are looking to keep your spending to a minimum, you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of Magento themes and plugins that can be downloaded and used for free. This means you can technically download Magento, customise your storefront and improve its functionality without spending a single penny.

free themes for magento

An example of a Magento theme

43. No transaction fees

We have already mentioned that you do not have to pay subscription fees to Magento but what’s even better is that you do not have to pay transaction fees either. Unlike other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, you will not have to pay Magento anything when customers make a purchase from your store.

44. Easy to install

Once you have bought your web hosting, you will be able to download and install Magento. The great news is that Magento is fairly easy to install. If you get stuck you can always head on over to YouTube and watch one of the numerous step-by-step tutorials on how to do it.

45. The most professional ecommerce platform

When reading comparisons of Magento and other ecommerce platforms, it always comes out as the most professional. If you are taking your ecommerce business seriously and want to make it a success, it makes sense to choose the most professional platform out there and that is Magento!

46. Multiple images for products

When it comes to selling products online, all customers can base their decision on is your product description and photographs. The great thing about Magento is that it allows merchants to add multiple images for each product. This means customers can get a better idea of what the product looks like and are therefore more likely to be confident in making a purchase.

47. Multi-layer navigation

Magento is all about making online shopping experiences the best they can possibly be. One of its best features is its multi-layer navigation. In the admin panel, merchants can configure their stores to offer multi-layer navigation. This means that customers can search for products via their categories and related attributes, which is much easier and quicker than sifting through an entire product catalogue, thus improving their shopping experience.

48. Make buying easy

Magento makes shopping online easy for customers. The easier it is for them to shop your store, the more likely they are to buy your products. Magento provides a seamless shopping experience that results in higher conversions and happy customers.

making money with magento

49. Make more money

A study by Forrester found that merchants that migrated from other ecommerce solutions to Magento experienced an average revenue uplift of 17.3%. With so many great features that allow you to build a unique shopping experience and increase conversions, Magento is easily offers the best return on investment of all ecommerce platforms.

50. No limitations

Magento is one of the most customisable ecommerce platforms on the planet. There are no limitations to what you can do with your store. Whether you decide a pre-made theme or choose to have one built by a Magento developer, the choice is yours! You have the option to make your store your own and offer a completely unique shopping experience to your customers.


So there we have our top fifty reasons to choose Magento. Whatever your reason for choosing the platform to power ecommerce store, you can have the peace of mind that you have made a fantastic decision for your business.

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