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Interesting ways you can generate repeat orders with Ecommerce

Published by on April 14, 2018
  1. Utilise the customers account information – emails, address, phone numbers
  2. Customer rewards or points program
  3. Send regular Email newsletters
  4. Stickers on Products saying thank you for your order or stickers on boxes
  5. Offer a discount for return customers
  6. Customer Finance for orders
  7. Google remarketing
  8. Send special Birthday messages
  9. Thanks you notes
  10. Personalised printed Boxes
  11. Countdown to orders – create scarcity and urgency

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Rossendale Internet Firm snaps up online rival

Published by on February 7, 2018

Garry Pickles, the owner of online marketing specialist Online Media Direct, has acquired a new online garden plants brand for an undisclosed sum.

Garry explained “having worked in many sectors over the previous 15 years the garden plants business online was always something I had a fondness of having worked as a landscape gardener as a student. Following working on brands online such as Essex based firm Floraselect and having gained several key contacts in the sector it made logical sense to move in this direction. I know just how popular this is online so adding into that our skills and experience online it bodes well for this project. We will be investing around £50,000 in the online shop and this will be developed over the next 12 months further.” is to offer over 4000 different plant varieties and is expected to be completed by April 2018

365garden plants was previously operated by a Essex based Nursery Garry added ” When we started the Internet marketing business we tended to find that companies in Essex and surrounding counties of London were on average 5 years ahead of their North West counterparts. It seemed many South East based companies were more willing to embrace online sales in the early days of Ecommerce. Things have caught up a little but their is still that divide present when you analyse these markets online”



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5 Handy Tutorials on Setting up Instagram Ads

Published by on September 27, 2016

1. How To Setup Instagram Ads For Beginners – Simple Instagram Guide

2. Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 (Paid Ads)

3. How To Set Up (and KILL it) With Instagram Ads | Sean Burrows

4. Instagram PPC Secrets – How To Run Paid Ads On Instagram

5. Instagram ads training by Luke Blower

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Gmail ads have you tested ?

Published by on August 8, 2016

Did you know you can run ads on Gmail ?

one negative on this is the targeting you cannot reach your remarketing audience which is a real disappointment. Hopefully Google introduce this shortly.


See below the ad setup process text ads and image ads.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 13.45.51


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google image photos

Published by on May 21, 2016

Prasenjit Halder and Garry Pickles India and UK Internet business

garry pickles looking straight at camera signing tree

Garry Pickles in Sandals Antigua Carribean

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Published by on May 16, 2016
persistence business quote 
people buy from people quote 

business quotes

Rossendale quotes

Burnley FC Quotes Turf Moor Bob Lord Lancashire Clarets
Burnley market quote Burnley town centre quote
Garry Pickles Internet Businessman Singing Tree Burnley
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There is No Duplicate Content Penalty in Google

Published by on January 11, 2016

There is no duplicate content penalty.  Yes, really.

The issue of duplicate content is a real one for webmasters.  But Gary Illyes at SMX this week stressed that duplicate content is not a penalty and that it is just a myth – it is actually a filter.

Even though duplicate content is not technically a penalty, it is referred to as such because it does act similarly to a penalty because it will not rank duplicate search results unless a searcher clicks on the link at the bottom showing “display search results similar to the pages shown above”.

But having duplicate content will not penalize a site in any way, and it doesn’t affect pages on the site that aren’t duplicated.  So just because you have duplicate content doesn’t mean your site will never see the light of day in Google, just those duplicate pages could be hidden away.

That said, many SEOs will continue calling it a “duplicate content penalty”, but just be aware that the idea of duplicate content being a penalty is a myth.

Added: Don’t forget that duplicate content on a large scale does play a role into the Panda algo, however this tends to be for sites who steal their content from others, not those who originate the content in most cases.

original article

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How a restaurant can grow online

Published by on November 9, 2015

Looking to grow your restaurant business online? We have a few ideas to get you started !

Invest in a DSLR camera so you can take high quality photographs of the food you serve for your restaurant’s website and social media pages.

1. Improve product photography

Today many diners will view a restaurant’s website or social media pages before they reserve a table. Not only do they expect to see a menu on a restaurants website but also quality photographs of the food they serve. Impress potential diners by taking high quality photographs of some of your most popular dishes.

If you really want to make your restaurant stand out amongst your local competitors, we highly recommend investing in a good quality digital SLR camera – the Canon 650d would be perfect! SLR cameras have manual settings that can be configured so you can get the perfect shot. You can also buy different lenses for them, such as a macro lens, which will allow you to get clear and precise up-close shots of the dishes you serve.

2. Use Instagram

If you regularly observe the diners in your restaurant, it is likely that you will catch them snapping photos of their meal on their smartphones before they start eating. It is likely that these photos end up on Instagram – a hub for food photography! Follow the lead of your customers and create your own Instagram account where you can share photographs of the food your serve. Use local hash tags (such as town and county names) as a way to target a local audience.

You may also want to consider creating your own restaurant hash tag so that diners can use it when sharing their food photographs, thus increasing customer engagement and helping to promote your restaurant to a wider audience.

3. Invest in a fully responsive website

Mobile traffic is on the rise so if you want to stand the best chance at getting local customers into your restaurant, a fully responsive website is a must! Many diners like to check out restaurant menus and reviews beforehand and also search for restaurant contact numbers on their smartphones, so it makes sense to have a website that is capable of accommodating different screen resolutions and devices.

If you have the money, you could even consider creating an app for your restaurant, which customers can use in the restaurant to view the menu or settle their bills. Thanks to ever-advancing technology, the possibilities are endless!

4. Start tweeting

If you haven’t already, create a Twitter account for your restaurant and start tweeting pictures of your busy restaurant and the food you serve. Follow local people every day and always re-tweet and respond to customers that interact with you. Use local hash tags to market your restaurant to your target audience.

5. Facebook ads

As well as having a Facebook business page for your restaurant, we highly recommend setting up Facebook ad campaigns. These are great for targeting a niche audience in your local area. Use them to build up a Facebook following and direct traffic to your responsive restaurant website.

6. Book a table online

People lead busy lives and often find it much more convenient and less time consuming to book a table online than to phone up and make a reservation. Set up a system on your responsive website that allows people to make a booking online. You could even take it a step further and allow them to reserve or pre-order food. This will not only please the customers but also help to increase the efficiency of your kitchen operations!

7. Invest in professional branding

The best way to make your restaurant stand out amongst local competitors is to invest in quality branding. Make sure that your logo and marketing materials look as stunning as the food you serve. If your logo looks unprofessional and untidy, it will suggest that your food and service is the same. Always make sure that your logo and branding reflects the quality of your restaurant and makes a good first impression on diners.

8. Start a recipe blog

Blogging is a great way to engage with customers and increase your website’s ranking in local searches. Why not share a few recipes that your diners can try out at home? Of course, you won’t want to share all of your cooking secrets, but creating recipes will be a great way of giving something back to your customers, whilst also presenting yourself as an industry expert (something that will have you crawling up the search results pages in no time.)

Create content that your customers will find useful, such as wine recommendations.

9. Create specialist content

As well as sharing recipes on your blog and social media pages, we highly recommend creating specialist content that strengthens your reputation as an expert. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant, you may want to consider sharing information on the types of tomatoes you use in your pasta sauce or recommendations on which Italian wines go best with dishes on your menu. Customers love this type of content!


10. Make the most of Trip advisor – Reward loyal customers

Show loyal diners that you value their custom by rewarding them with offers and discounts. Find them on Facebook and set up advertising campaigns to ensure they are targeted with your offers. You may also want to consider sending out email newsletters featuring money off vouchers and running competitions to win meals at your restaurant. Add a trip advisor logo in your windows and menus to make people aware. Provide discounts for good social media reviews and photography. Perhaps review your competitions Trip advisor profiles.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 17.23.35

11. Google Adwords

Increase your visibility online by setting up Google Adwords campaigns for your restaurant. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it allows you to target niche audiences in specific areas. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant in Lancashire, you may want to consider targeting phrases like ‘Italian restaurant Preston’ that feature what your business is and where you are based. If you would like more information about Google Adwords or need help setting up a campaign, get in touch with one of our Google Adwords professionals.

Today there are so many different opportunities for restaurateurs to grow their businesses online. If you need a helping hand building a responsive website for your restaurant or setting up online marketing campaigns, get in touch with Online Media Direct today.

Image credits: Chau_Doan and Dave Dugdale

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Can no-follow backlinks improve your SEO ?

Published by on October 2, 2015

Lately there has been much debate over whether no-follow backlinks can help to improve a website’s search engine rankings or not. Whilst some people believe they are valuable in improving search rankings (just not necessarily on Google) others believe they are a complete waste of time.

Whilst it’s still unclear of whether no-follow links help to boost rankings, they can certainly help to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates.

No-follow backlinks & Google

Google have openly said that in general they do not pass PageRank or anchor text across no-follow links, however many SEO experts are claiming that it is a myth that Google doesn’t crawl and index them. It is now being said that Google do index these websites, they just don’t give them a ranking boost.

Either way, it is important to remember that just because Google doesn’t count no-follow links when ranking your website, it doesn’t mean that other search engines don’t either. When it comes to improving a website’s SEO, most people tend to think about what Google is looking for, but it is important to remember that SEO is not all about Google, there are other search engines out there too!

Links build awareness

Whether no-follow links contribute towards better rankings or not, what we can definitely say is that they build awareness. At the end of the day, if someone sees your link on another website (whether it is no-follow or not), clicks on it and ends up buying your product then that link will be extremely valuable to you.

Seeing as the only purpose of SEO is to increase awareness of your website and drive traffic through to your website, it doesn’t matter whether you get sales from being the highest ranking site on a SERP or having a no-follow link in a great guest blog post, the fact is you are meeting your conversion goals.

Another important point from Godrank Marketing is the urge to add diversity to your backlink profile and make it look even more natural so we always recommend doing a small percentage of them when doing any link building campaign.

Image credit: infocux_Technologies Image source

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10 ways a Plumber could grow their business online

Published by on September 9, 2015

Are you looking to take the plunge and start growing your plumbing business online or feel your current online efforts are lacking in results? Check out our ten ways a plumber could grow their business online and you will see an increase in leads in no time!

Win mobile customers by investing in a responsive web design.

1. Invest in a responsive website

Over the last couple of years the number of people using their smartphones and digital tablets to surf the internet has significantly increased. With more and more people using their smartphones to view websites, find contact information and even hire plumbers, it makes sense to build a website that is compatible with mobiles and tablets.

Rather than investing in a separate mobile site, we recommend building a responsive website. This is a website that is capable of adapting to the device it is being viewed on. For example, if your site is being viewed on a mobile phone, it will change its size, layout and navigational features to compliment the smaller screen resolution and touch screen functionality. Otherwise there’s always the option to take steps to optimize apps.

Responsive websites are flexible, affordable and SEO friendly, making them the best choice for your plumbing business. If this case it is necessary to get SEO Plumber marketing.

2. Improve your brand

Even if you only offer your plumbing services to a local audience, it is likely that you will face tough competition from other plumbers in your area. Make your brand stand out by investing in a professional logo design. This will enhance your company’s image and will make you stand out amongst your competitors. By investing in quality branding, you may even find that you reach a new audience (perhaps businesses looking for higher end plumbers), helping to grow your company and increase profits.

3. Local Google Adwords

Local Google Adwords campaigns are ideal for targeting potential customers in your local area. Put a couple of hundred pounds aside to invest in a Google Adwords campaign, targeting towns in your surrounding area. For example, if you are based in Manchester, you may want to consider targeting ‘Plumbers Manchester,’ ‘Plumbers Bury,’ ‘Plumbers Rochdale’ etc. If you are not sure how to set up Adwords campaigns, feel free to get in touch with one of our marketing managers.

4. Conversion tracking

If you are considering setting up Adwords campaigns for your plumbing business (and we highly recommend that you do) then it’s a good idea to also set up conversion tracking. This will allow you to see which keywords are the most successful, thus producing the most enquiries for your plumbing business. Again, this is something we can set up on your behalf and manage, should you require us to.

5. Facebook advertising

It is likely that you already have a Facebook business page for your plumbing services, but is it producing any sort of results? If the answer is no, you may want to consider setting up Facebook advertising. These social media advertising campaigns allow you to target a niche audience, for example, business owners in Manchester.

Although Facebook advertising campaigns are fairly straight forward to set up, you will need to spend time monitoring the results and tweaking the campaigns to get the best results for your budget. If you need assistance in setting up Facebook advertising for your plumbing business, get in touch.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 16.07.05

Creating Facebook adverts and remarketing campaigns is a great way to generate interest in your plumbing services.

6. Remarketing

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could recapture the attention of site visitors that have failed to convert into paying customers? Well actually you can, in the form of remarketing campaigns. Remarketing basically involves creating adverts that appear on sites like Facebook and Google after a user has clicked off your website. They serve them a reminder of your plumbing services and can prove to be very effective at generating conversions. If remarketing is something you are interested in, please get in touch with our online marketing experts.

7. Telemarketing

Good old telemarketing still has an important role to play in modern day marketing campaigns. Calling local companies to make them aware of your new website is a great way to drum up interest in your plumbing business. After they have visited your website, your remarketing campaign will start to work its magic, providing you with the best chance of turning local business owners into loyal customers.

8. Bing advertising

We have already highlighted the benefits of setting up Google Adwords campaigns, but we also highly recommend testing pay per click adverts on Bing too. Although everyone always talks about how great Google is; you will be surprised at the fantastic results you can generate from the Bing search engine too!

9. Create useful content

You have probably heard the saying ‘content is king’ before and when it comes to growing your plumbing business online, it could not be truer. If you want to win your customers’ loyalty and build up a reputation as an expert in the plumbing industry, you will need to create useful and valuable content on your website, blog and social media pages.

For example, you may want to create articles on how to maintain your boiler, how to reduce pressure in your system and tips for buying taps for your bathroom. There are so many different plumbing articles you could create that will really help to win customers and show search engines like Google that you know what you are talking about.

Google likes to point their search engine users towards industry experts’ sites so the more knowledgeable you appear, the more likely your websites is to appear higher in relevant searches.

10. Google places

Our final suggestion is to set up your Google Places listing. It’s free, so there really is no excuse not to do it! Creating a listing and populating it with your services will prove to be a great way to attract local customers. If you think about it, most people search for local plumbers online before making an enquiry, so having your business and contact information featuring in local searches on Google is a great way to get yourself noticed.

Here at Online Media Direct, we understand that marketing your plumbing business online and managing your website can be very time consuming. This is why we specialise in providing bespoke digital media services to plumbers in the UK. Whether you require a website re-design or a marketing strategy for your plumbing business, we will ensure you are provided with a first class service that meets your needs, requirements and budget. 

Image credits: infocux_Technologies and infocux Technologies

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