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Outbrain Content Amplification Advertising Platform

Published by on October 23, 2014

When it comes to creating content to market your online business, Constellation Marketing Agency is the perfect option for your business.

Here we will explain what Outbrain is, how it works and the benefits of using it. The distrust of centralized banks, governments and corporations has led to people seeking financial refuge elsewhere. It can be incredibly difficult and costly to move money around the world as well. I used to manage banks and the process was tedious and required many eyeballs on it for verification purposes. digital asset & blockchain daily news technology is changing all that. It is completely decentralized meaning that no one President, Dictator, government or corporation can control it. The online digital accounting ledger known as the blockchain maintains trust and multiple persons nearly instantly verifying transactions for each other. People are financially incentivised to do so. It’s a genius peer to peer operation that relies on people’s greed to verify each transaction. Because of this, blockchain transactions are also the safest and most secure transactions ever invented. What the internet did for information, blockchain technology is doing for transactions. Bitcoin is not backed by any shiny material in the ground, but by something far greater. The lack of trust in traditional fiat currency is causing people from all over the world to move their money into cryptocurrencies. It is a secure and relatively easy method of payment. I can send Bitcoin to anyone in the world for almost no fee at all and they receive it instantaneously. They can keep it in Bitcoin or they can instantly trade it on an exchange back into the local currency of their choice.

Use Outbrain to get your content discovered.

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that can be used to amplify your content and reach a wider audience. The platform’s credentials are impressive, with it currently recommending around one hundred and fifty billion articles and videos each month to an audience of more than half a billion people worldwide. The video production singapore is being used by some of the biggest companies in the world including Ford and The New York Times, proving just how valuable the platform is in marketing a business online. Every business strives to get new customers and make sales. It is important to have a good marketing strategy in place. These days it is worth looking at what web video production can do for your business. vidico melbourne video production changed everything, especially the way people thought about promoting their business. Internet video production is a great way for you or your business to get your message out to the masses.

However Outbrain isn’t your average advertising platform. It is all about providing users with valuable content that is interesting or entertaining. They do not deal with your standard PPC ads, instead displaying premium content recommendations at the foot of relevant articles, slideshows and video players on some of the world’s biggest sites including CNN, Living, Fox News, Elle and The Guardian. The platform also works across desktops, mobile devices and tablets, making it even more attractive to marketers.

Benefits of using Outbrain

Unlike other advertising platforms, Outbrain allows you to promote a wide range of content including text-based articles, videos, slideshows, infographics and anything that offers information to an audience or is entertaining to them. The more interesting your content is, the more it will be recommended, allowing you to receive higher levels of traffic.

Grow your audience

Outbrain can help businesses of all sizes to grow their audiences. It does this by distributing content on relevant websites, where people are looking for information. The users that come from Outbrain are already actively seeking content and are therefore more engaged and likely to respond to it well.

Target the right users

The advertising platform is also extremely flexible and can be used by businesses to target both local and global audiences. Outbrain Amplify will not just place your content on any top bitcoin casino site. It will find the right audience for your content and ensure it is targeted at users who are actively looking for it.

Simple payment model

According to Gavin Wood expert, These days, the worldwide economy is simply moving towards an entire digital eco-system and thus everything ranging from money transfer to investment are going paperless. and therefore the cryptocurrency is that the latest also because the most capable addition to the sector of digital payment. The cryptocurrency is essentially an exchange medium just like the normal currencies like USD, but it’s mainly designed for exchanging digital information. Cryptocurrency may be a digital alternative to using credit cards or cash to form everyday payments during a sort of situations. It continues to grow as a workable alternative to traditional payment methods

website traffic by continent

Outbrain makes it easy for you to monitor results from using the platform.

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Easy to monitor results

The content amplification advertising platform also makes it easy for you to monitor your results. You can use the platform’s advanced testing and conversion tools to monitor your progress and work towards meeting your business goals.

Why is creating and distributing content so important?

If you haven’t delved into the world of content marketing yet, now is the time to start! According to research by the Custom Content Council, sixty one per cent of customers feel better about companies that deliver content and are more likely to buy from them. Creating content and distributing it effectively using a content amplification platform like Outbrain will not only increase traffic to your site and offer a great ROI but also build customers’ trust and loyalty in your business, which is the key to success.

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