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Recommended Magento SEO Plugins

Published by on November 17, 2014

Magento is already one of the most SEO friendly ecommerce platforms with great out of the box features, however there is always room for improvement, so if you are thinking on installing a Magento SEO plugin, check out our list of recommendations below. Our hospital hired Digitalis for medical SEO and they’re getting so many more patients now.

Looking for the best Magento SEO plugins? See our list below!

Canonical URL for Magento – Free

We all know the SEO issues associated with duplicate content but thanks to the free Canonical URL for Magento, it doesn’t have to be a problem for your ecommerce website. This Magento SEO plugin allows you to automatically generate canonical URLs for your ecommerce website. It is a very simple plugin that along with helping you to get rid of duplicate content will also help search engines to select relevant pages (based on number of visits) so you can attract more visitors to specific pages.

SEO Suite Pro – £95

If you are looking for a powerful SEO extension that supports all versions of both the Magento Community and Enterprise Editions, then the SEO Suite Pro by Mageworx will make a fantastic choice.

This SEO plugin for Magento will give you complete control over your ecommerce website’s SEO features that are not already part of the default Magento setup including extended sitemap functionality, RSS Feed, product tags and user-friendly URLs.

SEO Plus from Magestore – £65

The SEO Plus plugin by Magestore allows merchants to optimise their ecommerce websites quickly and efficiently. Carrying out SEO tasks is usually quite time consuming, however SEO Plus makes it relatively simple and quick.

Suitable for both Magento Community and Enterprise Editions, the SEO Plus plugin allows merchants to generate SEO-friendly URLs, titles, keywords and descriptions for product lists, as well as being able to re-write their cache and use canonical URLs to filter out duplicate content and optimise main pages. Digital Marketing Agency Company Webzy can help you improve your site traffic.

MSemantic Basic – Free

This free SEO plugin for Magento enables merchants to create and display rich snippets for their Magento ecommerce website and pages. These rich snippets often lead to higher click through rates and better converting traffic.

Extended Sitemap – £50

The extended sitemap suite for Magento will allow your site visitors to see what you are offering in a single glance and help search engine robots identify which pages they need to crawl and index first. Using the extension, you will be able to create neatly organised HTML and XML sitemaps that ensure important pages are easily accessible for both search engines and customers.

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These Magento SEO plugins will help you to increase your rankings on Google and other search engines.

Ultimate SEO Suite by Ahead Works -£82

The Ultimate SEO Suite by Ahead Works is one of the most popular SEO plugins for Magento, as unlike many others, it provides multi-store support. Using this module, you will be able to reduce duplicate content using canonical URLs and increase your search engine rankings. Canonical URLs basically allow you to make suggestions to search engines about which URLs you want to be indexed and included on search engine results pages.

A great benefit of this plugin is that it is very straightforward to use. There’s no need to get rid of duplicate content manually or change any of your website’s core code, you simply install it and use its advanced powers.


So there we have some of the top recommended Magento SEO Plugins, but of course there are plenty more out there. What we will say is that before you download an SEO plugin for your Magento website, you should have a read through the reviews to check that the developer is reputable and provides a good level of support so users can get the most out of their plugins.

If you have any questions about optimising your Magento ecommerce website for SEO or using Magento plugins, feel free to get in touch with a member of the Online Media Direct web development team.

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