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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the currently the most popular social media platform in the world, with over 900 million active users. Whilst many businesses have joined the site, not every one is using it to its full potential. Online Media Direct specialises in Facebook marketing and is here to help small and medium businesses get the most out of the platform.


Is your business on Facebook? Are you using it to your advantage? Our team will ensure you can answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions.

Facebook provides businesses with a wide range of opportunities and benefits including:

Raising brand awareness

Expanding customer base

Developing a loyal community

Generating sales

SEO improvements

Whilst there isn’t a business in the world that would want to pass up on the opportunities and benefits outlined above, we understand that not everyone has the time to develop and implement an effective Facebook marketing strategy. This is why Online Media Direct provides a fully outsourced Facebook marketing service. 

We can take the time constraints and pressure of Facebook marketing off your hands and provide you with meaningful and measurable results.

Our Facebook Marketing services

Online Media Direct provides a wide range of Facebook marketing services. We believe in offering bespoke services, which is why we offer both individual services and a fully outsourced solution.

Developing your Facebook marketing strategy

You will be surprised at the number of businesses that claim to use Facebook on a daily basis but generate very little in the way of results. This is because simply being on Facebook is not enough. In order to succeed you need a unique and intuitive marketing strategy that will deliver the desired results. 

Our Facebook marketing experts will consult with you to determine what exactly you are looking to get out of using Facebook e.g. increased brand awareness, improved sales or local exposure. We will then design a bespoke strategy that works towards achieving these goals in a realistic time frame agreed by you.

Managing your Facebook page

Facebook is businesses’ number one choice of social media platform and we are here to ensure you get the most out of using it. Not only will we use your Facebook page to advertise your products and deliver marketing messages, but we will also use it to built and strengthen your relationships with new and existing customers. 

Outsourcing the management of your Facebook account will save you time and effort, whilst give you the peace of mind that it is being run by experts with the knowledge to drive profitable results.

Other Facebook marketing services:

Facebook marketing consultancy

Facebook content creation

Facebook advertising

Facebook integration


Our team of marketing experts can help you increase everything from Facebook ‘likes’ to genuine sales.

Bespoke Facebook marketing strategies

Our comprehensive Facebook marketing services are 100% bespoke, tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of our clients, as well as their budgets. No matter whether you are a new or established business, we will be able to develop an effective marketing campaign that will result in increased brand awareness, page ‘likes’ and sales.

Dedicated Facebook marketing experts

Here at Online Media Direct we understand that the best results don’t happen over night; they take time, effort and dedication. We are committed to developing effective Facebook marketing strategies that generate long-lasting and profitable results for your business. Our team of dedicated marketing experts will work pro-actively on your Facebook business page and campaigns to ensure you benefit from real results and continual success.

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