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Whilst anyone can set up a Google Adwords account, not everyone can manage an effective and successful campaign. If you want to generate meaningful results and a high return on investment from your Adwords management, get in touch with Online Media Direct today.

We go beyond simply setting up your campaign, aiming traffic at your website and selecting a spending budget. Our team of experienced Adwords managers will ensure that your campaign is optimised to achieve the best possible results for your business and constantly monitor your campaign, guaranteeing on-going success.

Adwords management services overview:

Keyword research

Campaign setup

Advert creation

Landing page creation

Google Analytics integration

Campaign monitoring

Adwords consultancy

Benefits of using Google Adwords

Whilst organic SEO is the best way to achieve long lasting effects, Google Adwords is great at generating quick, short-term results. You could say that the two go hand-in-hand. Below we have outlined some of the key benefits of Google Adwords.

Drive quality traffic to your website

One of Adwords’ most favourable qualities is the fact you can make your ads very specific. Targeting your Adwords adverts and making them highly relevant will ensure that they are only shown to people who are looking for the products or services you are offering. This means that you will only ever be paying for quality traffic that has the potential to generate sales.

Our team of marketing experts will optimise your ad using relevant keywords that will achieve a high click through rate and increased conversions.

Generate speedy results

Google Adwords also has the potential to generate speedy results for businesses. Many companies see spikes in traffic and sales within hours of their campaigns going live. This is why companies often use Google Adwords to advertise sales and discounts that are only available for a limited time. 


Unlike other forms of advertising, Google Adwords is accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can spend as much or as little as you wish to on your ads and can pause and stop your campaign with just a click of a button. You will only ever pay when someone clicks on your advert and seeing as your advert will be highly targeted, this means you will only really be paying when someone is genuinely looking to buy your products or services.

Google Adwords gives campaign managers full control over their spending, however if you are new to PPC, it can be difficult to get right at first. This is why many businesses outsource Google Adwords management to marketing experts like Online Media Direct! We will optimise your campaign and monitor your spend, ensuring you are always getting the most for your money.

Easy to monitor results

One of the great things about Google Adwords is that it makes it easy for you to measure results and evaluate your campaign. This means that you will be able to see which keywords are performing well and where improvements are required. Of course, this can be time consuming and requires knowledge of PPC, so if you want the peace of mind that your campaign is constantly being monitored and optimised by experts, get in touch with Online Media Direct.

Why choose Online Media Direct to manage your Adwords campaign?

Here at Online Media Direct we take the time to get to know each of our clients and their businesses. This allows us to create bespoke Google Adwords campaigns that are optimised to achieve their goals and generate valuable results. Our team of experts will:

Ensure your budget is spent wisely

Optimise your ads to attract quality traffic

Target the right traffic and send it to the right place on your website

Monitor your campaign and make on-going improvements

Achieve profitable results for your business

Our CPC management services are a great way of outsourcing your companies online marketing. Our services are backed up by our google adwords professional qualification and years of experience on literally hundreds if not thousands of CPC Campaigns.

Making your ads relevant to the keyword searches is the key to any CPC campaigns and placed together with the correct keyword types and textual advertisements it will improve not only your ads click through ratio but also its quality score with google.

Conversion Tracking is another form of optimising your google ads and using this alongside the correct analysis of your Google Analytics (which we will install for free as standard by the way.) You could literally be paying hundreds of pounds to google per month on keywords that are not converting or not converting as well as others. Once we install the conversion tracking we will beable to determine exactly what keywords are providing what sales.

We can then optimise with this information and increase your companies sales or conversions through adwords.

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Google Adwords Remarketing Campaigns

If you’re currently running AdWords campaigns as part of your online marketing strategy, then it’s well worth considering the benefits of remarketing. In a nutshell, remarketing campaigns operate by dropping a cookie on a user’s computer when they visit a commercial site – allowing fresh personalised banner adverts to be delivered to the user after they have left the site and while they’re browsing other sites in the Google content network.

How it works

your online marketing professionals simply add a ‘tag’ to your website on those pages with products or services you wish to promote. This piece of code defines the type of adverts that the visitor will later see as they browse Google.

What are the advantages of this?

Well, it means you can continue with the line of communication you opened up with a potential customer that began with you visiting their site. Practically, if you are an online retailer whose site is frequently visited, although most visitors leave without making a purchase, then remarketing will let you advertise to those visitors as they visited other, unrelated, websites. The smart technology involved means that you can also advertise related products to those who did make a purchase.

Other benefits include its incredible ease of use, thanks to its adoption of Google AdWords to create and manage the remarketing lists, plus the effective precision targeting that remarketing allows. Due to the vast extent of Google’s content network, the potential for reaching potential customers right across the Web is massive. Adverts can use simply text, images or more sophisticated media, and the AdWords model is highly cost effective, giving you a huge amount of bang for your buck.


Who is remarketing for?

Any kind of advertiser can use remarketing to improve their ROI as part of their overall strategy – whether you’re seeking direct response or targeted branding. Search advertisers can use it to drive traffic to their site and then consolidate this gain through specially tailored messages designed to encourage return visits, while display advertisers can boost customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.


Contact the digital marketing professionals at Online Media Direct today for more information and further details on how they can help you design, launch and develop your very own remarketing campaign. We can get you started in double-quick time and before you know it, you too will be reaping the financial benefits!

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