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Identity Design


Your brand identity is the very heart and soul of your business and something that you cannot afford to get wrong. Here at Online Media Direct we provide a first class Identity Design service, aimed at helping clients establish the core values and personality that will provide the foundations for their businesses.


Whilst a memorable logo is key to your business, we understand that developing your brand identity takes so much more than an effective logo design.

Our identity design services

Online Media Direct provides a wide range of identity design services. We have experience building brand identities from scratch, as well as re-branding businesses looking to enter new markets and increase their competiveness. Over the years we have worked with a number of small to medium sized businesses from a wide range of industries. Whether you are just setting up your business or looking to target a new market, we can help you develop an identity for your brand that will make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Key services:

Brand naming

Logo and slogan design

Brand values

The importance of identity design

A unique and strong brand identity will be one of your business’s most valuable assets. Creating a brand identity that is easy for consumers to remember will help them to recognise and trust your business. This is why it is so important that brands take the time to come up with their identity and establish the values behind their work.

Whilst the internet has provided small and medium sized businesses with many opportunities, it has also vastly increased their competition. Not only are they competing with other SMEs, but they now have to compete with much larger businesses too. In such competitive markets, the only real way you can make your business a success is if you have a strong and unique brand identity.

Having something that sets your business apart from the rest is what will attract your target audience and make them want to buy your products or services. It can take time and effort to come up with a powerful brand identity, but doing so has the potential to transform your business from an industry follower to a leader. Give your business it’s best chance to succeed by working with our team of highly experienced and qualified branding experts.

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Online Media Direct provides a first class identity design service that will transform your business and give it the chance to become an industry leader.

Why choose Online Media Direct?

Here at Online Media Direct, we understand that branding goes far beyond creating a unique logo for your business. Of course effective logo design is integral to the branding process, however it is also essential to establish the personality of a brand and the values it holds, as it is these factors that customers relate to and will ultimately profit your business.

Not only do we provide professional logo designs, but we will also help you establish your core values and ideologies – the aspects of your business that will provide the foundation for your marketing strategies.

We value the importance of providing a personalised branding service. This is why we take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients and their businesses. Understanding your goals and what makes you tick will be key in building your brand identity and finding the best way to connect with your target audience. 

If you want to work with an identity design company that has the experience, knowledge and resources to successfully brand or re-band your company, then look no further than Online Media Direct.

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