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Mobile App Development

If you are looking for a new way to engage with your target audience and give your business a competitive edge, why not consider developing a mobile app? Here at Online Media Direct, we specialise in bespoke mobile app development, providing businesses from all industries with mobile apps to meet their needs and requirements.


Mobile app development, a real growth market

Why develop a mobile app?

If you haven’t heard already, mobile will soon be the most popular way for people to access websites, making now the optimal time to invest in a bespoke mobile app development. Whilst a mobile or responsive site will prove incredibly beneficial to your business, a mobile app will provide a way for you to increase engagement with your customers and enhance their user experience.

One of the great things about building a mobile app is that you will be able to make use of the features on users’ smartphones, for example the GPS, camera, microphone and push notifications. These features will provide a higher level of engagement with your target audience and allow you to collect data and analytics that you wouldn’t be able to with your average mobile website.

What can a mobile app be used for?

When it comes to developing a bespoke mobile app for your business, the possibilities are endless. Today you can even build mobile app versions of your ecommerce store, allowing customers to shop your products or services without even accessing their internet browser. Whatever your needs and requirements, we will develop a highly functional mobile app that is optimised to meet them. 

Our mobile app development service

Online Media Direct’s talented team of developers have a wide range of experience developing all kinds of mobile apps, making them the perfect team to take on your project. We use a tried and tested mobile app development process, which we have briefly outlined below.


The first stage of our mobile app development process involves consulting with you to identify the type of app you would like to build and the goals you would like to achieve. We then take this information away and come up with a solution tailored to your requirements.

App design

The next stage involves branding your app to ensure that it not only compliments your existing company branding but also appeals to your intended audience.

App development

During the development stage, our team will focus on the user experience that your app provides. Here we will use various technologies to develop your app and get it ready for testing.


At this stage in the process we will test your mobile app to ensure that it meets the needs and requirements you outlined at the consultation stage. We will also check that it is optimised for using across various different device types.

On-going support and improvement

Our service does not just end when your mobile app is launched into the market place. Unlike other development companies, we provide an on-going support service, designed to help businesses get the most out of their mobile apps. We will continue to analyse the data collected by your app and use it to make improvements to the user experience.


Make sure your mobiles are looked after with some great apps from OMD

It is our aim to build iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps that go beyond our clients’ expectations. We believe in offering a bespoke mobile app development service, which is why we make it our mission to get to know our clients and work closely with them, ensuring the mobile app we design is unique to their company.

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