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Website Bling – Benefits of Multimedia Images & Videos on Websites

Today it is common for people to use multimedia images and videos to enrich their business websites. What is effectively ‘website bling’ has an important role to play in engaging users, increasing conversions and improving websites’ SEO. Below we have provided an in depth explanation of some of the key benefits of using multimedia images and videos on websites.

What’s so great about images and videos?

Studies have found that 90% of the information we remember is based on visual impact. Considering all of the content users consume on a daily basis, you can see why it is important to use images and videos as visual aids to make your website more memorable.

Images and video clips can also help to increase website traffic, particularly from mobile devices. According to CISCO last year, videos accounted for half of all mobile data traffic and whilst people are watching less TV in recent years, the popularity of online video clips is continuing to rise.

Images and video are also particularly useful for those selling products online. A recent study of online fashion retailers found that those using video on product pages saw a boost in conversions of a whopping 134%.  It’s not just the fashion industry that is benefiting from multimedia or ‘website bling’ but all other industries too.

website bling

Infographics, images and video clips allow businesses to get their information across using very few words.

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Support your content

Although there are plenty of benefits of using images and videos on websites, which we will go on to discuss further, there primary use is to add value and insight to your written website content and blog posts.

At the end of the day, you could not have images and videos on your website without any written text. Written content is fundamental to your website, however it will be deemed much more interesting and of value to users if it is illustrated with multimedia. This so-called ‘website bling’ can help to communicate your ideas and points to readers, so you don’t have to bore them with too much text.

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Creating videos for your website and uploading them onto sites like YouTube can help to build customers’ trust in your company.

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Improve user experience

One of the key benefits of using multimedia images and videos on your website is that they can help to improve the user experience it provides. Images and videos are much more engaging than written content, with many people preferring them as they do not have to put much effort into looking at an image or watching a video.

It is important to remember that we human beings have very short attention spans. This means that you need to get your information across as quickly as possible if you want it to have an impact. You will have noticed that many brands have taken to creating infographics instead of sharing full reports and making videos to introduce themselves, rather than writing lengthy paragraphs of text, as a way of keeping users engaged.

The great things about this form of ‘website bling’ is that it makes it easier and quicker for people to access the information they need and therefore creates a better overall user experience. The better user experience your website provides, the more likely people are to return in the future and recommend it to others.

Improve customer trust and loyalty

Images and video clips also provide you with the opportunity to make a real emotional connection with site visitors. They can say a lot more about your business than you possibly can with words and will also help users to trust your company. Statistics from Reel SEO found that conversion rates increased between 27 and 46% for those using video clips on product pages. The reason being that product demonstrations, behind the scenes footage and employee interview clips all help to build customers’ trust in a company and give them more confidence in making a purchase.

Showing users that your business is more than just a website by using video clips and other forms of multimedia is a great way to build a more personal relationship with them, which will lead to increased loyalty and conversion rates.


Optimising your video and image titles and descriptions with keywords can help to improve your website’s search rankings.

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Improve SEO

Did you know that using images and videos on your website can also help to boost its SEO? Using targeted keywords in your image titles, alt tags, video titles and descriptions is a great way to get your multimedia ranking on search engine results pages.

Having your images and video content ranking on SERPs can be incredibly beneficial for your business. Users are way more likely to click on a search engine result with a visual element i.e. a video or image, allowing you to benefit from increased targeted traffic to your website.

It is recommended that you start posting video clips on your site sooner rather than later as their SEO benefits are still relatively new to most people. Using them now will give you a greater chance at getting a top spot on SERPs and beating your competitors.

Boost social media engagement

When you share your web pages and blog posts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn you will find that more people will engage with them if you have included a good image. These social media websites will often automatically pull up an image from your website to use alongside your social media update, so it’s important to include your best image at the top of your page or post. The more visual your social media posts are, the more likely people are to click through to your web page or blog post.

It’s not just images that users are engaging with on social media though. Video has also proven to be very effective, with recent research by Marketing Land showing that tweets featuring video clips receive around 28% more retweets.

Multimedia images and video clips are highly shareable and can help you to increase your website’s reach.

Increase website audience

Another benefit of using multimedia images and videos on websites is that they can help to increase its reach. With one of the reasons being that multimedia images and video clips are highly shareable.

Last year alone, more than seven hundred YouTube videos were shared every minute on Twitter and more than five hundred videos were watched daily on Facebook.

Creating engaging and useful content in the form of multimedia images like infographics and video clips is a great way to grow your audience. The better your multimedia content is, the more likely it is to be shared and you never know, if it is shared by a key influencer it may even have the potential to go viral.

Creating multimedia content with value

When it comes to creating multimedia for your website, it is essential that it serves a purpose and offers value to your target audience. Remember that every image and video clip you upload to your content management system will essentially be slowing your website down, so it needs to hold significant value.

The best way to go about creating multimedia or ‘website bling’ for your business site is to think about what content your audience will find interesting and engaging. Think about the type of questions they may have about your business or its products and answer them in a video. Or maybe you could provide statistics from an industry report that they will find interesting in a visually engaging infographic. Whatever you decide, it must be able to capture the attention of your audience and engage them in order for it to provide you with some of the benefits outlined in this article.

If you are looking for inspiration on what to create multimedia content on, why not head to your Google Analytics page and see what people are searching for when they land on your website? Creating multimedia images like infographics and video content around users’ search queries is a great way of improving your websites user experience and may even help you to increase your search rankings.


Today a website simply wouldn’t be a website without multimedia images and videos. If you want to stand the best chance of making your brand website memorable to users and gaining their loyalty, creating interesting and informative multimedia content is the way forward. For more information about the benefits of multimedia content on websites or for help creating unique, relevant and interesting content for your business website, feel free to get in touch with Online Media Direct today by calling 01706 830 965. Our creative experts are always bursting with fantastic ideas!

Image Credits: latddotcom, Ergow.COM, SEOPlanter and infocux Technologies

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