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Woocommerce Sales Triggers Plugin Only £30 Plus Free Install and setup

Stop Losing Shoppers To Weak Product Pages.

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Use these 7 Sales Triggers to Build Trust, Create Urgency and Inspire Action

Deploy 7 Psychological Triggers On WooCommerce Products Page And Watch Your Sales Grow

1. Display A Countdown Timer To Create Urgency

Got a time-sensitive sale on a product?

Inform your shoppers about it. Deal Expiry Trigger displays the number of days or hours left before the sale ends. This trigger induces fear of missing out and make people act fast.

2.Show The Items Left In Stock To Induce Scarcity

Low-stock Trigger raises the red flag and displays limited stock messages when the remaining items are below a defined limit. These scarcity-inducing messages persuade casual shoppers to kill procrastination and act fast. When an item is running out, people want it even more.

3.Display Potential Savings To Trigger Loss Aversion

Savings Trigger presents potential savings on discounted products in absolute number and percentage.When a shopper sees how much they can save by taking the deal, they feel compelled to unlock the savings.Their focus shifts from spending money to potential savings. The pain of parting with money gets replaced by the joy of finding a good deal!

4.Share The Most Recent Sales Activity To Activate Social Proof

People trust and buy from busy stores. They take their decision, based on the wisdom of the crowd. Sales Activities Trigger automatically shares short snippets of information about the recent purchases from your store. It informs shoppers that real customers have placed trust in this product. And they too can buy this product without worrying.

5.Give A Bullet-Proof Guarantee To Show Your Commitment

Most shoppers have last minute sales-blocking objections. They look for assurances before they commit to purchase. Guarantee Trigger activates an eye-catching box that addresses sales-blocking objections about product quality, return & shipping policy. You can even display the trust seals to amp-up your store’s credibility.

6.Display The Satisfaction Rate To Amp Up Confidence

A typical store battles with fewer customer reviews. Statements such as ‘2 customer reviews or 4.1 Rating’ don’t convince visitors to buy. Worse, these single digit numbers can have a negative impact.

Smarter Reviews trigger reframes the argument to show larger numbers. Phrases such as “90% Buyer Satisfaction Rate” or “98% customers gave this item more than the 4-star rating” have built-in social proof and are far more persuasive than presenting mere facts about total customer reviews.

7.Highlight The Store’s Best Sellers To Reduce Anxiety

Best-seller products are your cash cows. This trigger displays a best seller badge on the product page that primes shoppers that the product is selling well. They deduce from this that if others are buying it, it must be good. This badge gives them a virtual pat on the back for making a popular choice and motivates them to buy.

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